Saturday, May 8, 2010

Whooohaaaa - goggles working

Now I've done the mod on the Trimersion goggles. Thanks aaronredbaron for great instructions. I de-soldered the gyro and soldered wires for audio and video directly on to the board. I used an old firewire cable, which did come very much in handy because it has 6 wires into 1. I've just made a test now, I'm waiting for Elfa to re-stock firewire cable (4,5m) and a female jack that I'm gonna use in the ground station.

Gyro and antenna is gone. I added some tape to get the wires out of the way.

This is the wires added to the board:
- red: power
- black: ground
- blue: common ground for audio and video
- brown: video
- green: audio right
- white: audio left