Thursday, June 30, 2011

Medium EDF ordered ;)

Ok, as my RC-Playground buddy ordered his cute Swallow EDF jet, I thought I should join him;

It's Hobbyking's 64MM EDF T-45 Goshawk. A beautiful scale jet with recessed panel lines and extra details all over the place. I ordered the kit version and beefed up the power system for screaming speed and power to carry extra equipment such as telemetry sensors, retracts, etc.

T-45 Goshawk R/C 64mm EDF Jet EPO Kit only
EDF Ducted Fan Unit 7Blade 2.5inch 64mm
HK2836 EDF Outrunner 3800kv for 64mm
TURNIGY Plush 60amp Speed Controller
Turnigy nano-tech 2200mah 4S 45~90C Lipo Pack

Stay tuned for my build log, mods and flight tests.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Small EDF ordered

I recently found this cute little EDF and just had to get it. The plane is only 660 mm wingspan with a 40 mm small EDF. It requires 2 micro 2,5g servos to control the two ailerons/elevator.

Tech specs (HK info):
Wing Span: 610mm (24in)
Length: 390mm (15.3in)
Flying Weight: 140g
EDF Unit: 40mm (Required)
ESC: 15A (Required)
Servos: 2 x 2.5g (Required)
Battery: 2s 7.4v 500mAh Lipoly (Required)

EDF Unit: 40mm
ESC: 15A
Battery: 2s 7.4v 500mAh Lipoly
Servos: 2 x 2.5g

I got the EDF 40 completely assembled with a 8400 KV brushless motor, which should fit perfect. It can only handle a 2S pack, but I'll try to find another motor for better performance.

Tech specs (HK info):
Weight: 28g
Kv: 8400rpm/v
Size: 42 x 39mm
Battery: 2~3S
Voltage: 7.5, 8.0, 8.5V
Current: 13.0, 15.0, 17.5A
Thrust: 130, 150, 170g
Watt: 97.5, 120, 148.8W
Efficiency(g/W): 1.33, 1.25, 1.14

As soon as all parts arrive I'll do a build log and a test run.

Parts used
Mini Swallow Jet 40mm EDF (610mm) (KIT)
EDF40 with 8400kv Motor Assembled
HK-282A Single-Screw, Ultra-Micro Servo 2g (my servos was actually orange, not black)
TURNIGY Plush 18amp Speed Controller