Friday, May 7, 2010

Parkfun Fusion Brushless Motor Mod

Converted a stock (400 type motor) Parkfun Fusion into a brushless and reliable aerial photography platform. It's a 4-channel copy of the EasyStar with functional ailerons. Hope to move towards FPV if I don't have any bad accidents!

Plane: Parkfun Fusion
Servos: 4 Hitec HS-55 feather servos
Transmitter: Hitec Optic 6
Receiver: Hitec Micro 05S
Motor: HXT 2835 (380S) 2200kv Brushless Inrunner
ESC: TowerPro w25A Brushless Speed Controller
Prop: TGS Sport 6x4E Precision propeller
Prop adapter/Spinner: Alu cone 1/4-28-3.2mm
Flight battery: Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack
Navigation lights: Turnigy R/C LED Lighting System
Magnets holding wings: Strong Rare Earth magnets (10pcs/set)

The receiver and transmitter were changed to ensure a reliable control connection.

Electronics before and after.

Prop with motor before and after.

New spinner and prop.

Had to cut off nose to remove big bastard weight. Glued back on with Component Epoxy.

First test of brushless motor

Time for test flight now. If nothing goes wrong, I'll find a camera to stick on!