Thursday, June 10, 2010

Landing lights in wings

The Turnigy High Density LED strips are perfectly suited for landing lights. You get one meter in the box and you can cut them every three lights.
I use 6 LEDs in each wing. They run on 12v which is great since I'm using a 3S LiPo in the plane.
I glued the foam back that I cut away to fit the lights. Now afterwards I don't think it looks that good. I'll come up with another plan in the future.
Soldering the 6 wires (2 nav light, 2 white strobe, 2 landing LED) to the MPX plug for easy attachment of the wings.
Shrink tubed and done.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Navigation lights in wings

I bought the Turnigy LED navigation lights. They have the correct number of LEDs and colors: one green (nav, right wing), one red (nav, left wing), two white strobes (wings, facing backwards), two flashing red (top of vertical fin, bottom of fuselage in front). The lights are controlled by a little PCB which is really light.

They connect to any free channel and are always on. In the kit is also two white landing lights, but since I'm going to use LED strips for that which are much more bright, I didn't use them.

I used hot glue to secure the LEDs. Unfortunately i had to redo this since the light wasn't that visible from the front. Now both lights are on the wing tip.

I'm using my metal ruler when i do the trenches for the cables. After cutting the trench with the knife, I use tweezers to peel the foam away.

There you go, fitted and ready.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Converting EZG wings

There are many different ways of modding the EZG wings (Multiplex #224159) but I used my cheap hobby knife. First I made marks on the wings where I'd cut and then just "shaved" the excess material off. Now the fit perfectly. After that I glued a 10 mm carbon fibre rod in the wing for stability.

Gyros for that extra stability

Me and Simon ordered 2 gyros each of the E-sky EK2-0704. They work really well and are cheap. Search for them on eBay and you'll probably get them for $0,99 each + $7 shipping.