Monday, March 1, 2010

Time for FPV - my equipment

After some thinking I've finally decided to build a full-FPV plane. I've been reading on RCGroups and along with much influence from to come up with the stuff I have purchased or will purchase.

Plane: Multiplex EasyStar Kit #214192
Wings: Multiplex EasyGlider wings #224159
Flap hinges: Multiplex FunCub spare set #702010
Horizontal stabilizer, vertical fin: Multiplex EasyGlider #224160
Landing gear: Airscape RC EasyGear
Steerable nose wheel: Hobbyking tail wheel assembly
Servos: Hitec HS-81 (rudder, elevator), Hitec HS-55 (ailerons, flaps)
Navigation lights: Turnigy LED lightningsystem
Reciever controlled switch: Turnigy
Lost model alarm: GWS BE-Found
Batterymonitor: ElectronicaRC Maxpro 3S
Motor: Turnigy B2835-3900
ESC: Logic Fusion Tornado 40A
BEC: Turnigy 8-15A UBEC
Prop: TGS Sport 6x4E, 6x5E
Prop adapter/Spinner: Alu cone 1/4-28-3.2mm
Flight battery: Team Orion Avionics 2100mAh 11,1V
Magnets holding wings: Strong Rare Earth magnets (10pcs/set)
Servo wire, cut to length: Flat, twisted #1, twisted #2
Servo terminals: Futaba, gold plated
Connectors servo/lights wing/fuselage: MPX Connectors

FPV gear, airborne
Video TX: ElectronicaRC 1,3GHz 500mW w/ heatsink
Camera: ElectronicaRC MSH-36
Flight stabilization: FY-20AII
Navigation/OSD: EagleTree OSD Pro incl. eLogger V3 and GPS
Altimeter: EagleTree Altimeter Microsensor V3
Airspeed indicator: EagleTree Airspeed Microsensor V3
Microphone: ElectronicaRC Airwave
Video TX antenna: IBCrazy inverted Vee from

FPV gear, groundstation
Video RX: ElectronicaRC 1,3GHz
Videorecorder, PVR: DViCO TViX R-2230, with Seagate Momentus 2,5" 500GB SATA
Goggles: Trimersion, hacked with influence by aaronredbaron
Head tracker: DT-3K Hybrid headtracker
Wind meter: Turnigy mini anemometer
RC TX: Futaba 10CAP w/ FASST 2,4GHz 10-channel module (FUTL8930)
RC RX: Futaba FASST 2,4GHZ R6014FS (FUTL7644)
RC TX case: Futaba Aero Team Transmitter Case Single
Screen: ElectronicaRC 7" TFT color monitor
Antenna tracker w/ pan/tilt: ElectronicaRC for EagleEyes
Video RX antenna: 8dbi patch from

Tape: High strength fiber tape
Velcro: Peel-n-stick adhesive, very strong
Charge bag: LiPo safety charge bag
Spray paint: Grey foam safe